Hello Bob,
Here is the update and pictures promised. You can see the power of the wind we get. We used schedule 80 pipe in concrete and still had to add
guy wiring.
The turbines seem to perform just as you describe. The meters appear to be accurately displaying the amps and watts, but not the accumulated
data. We have not yet installed the
replacement controller and the new meter. (Thanks for the credit for the controller and meter)
We are installing meters on the individual turbines so we can determine the amount of power each is producing individually. Before the meter
you sent us went out, we were getting
combined readings of over 2,000 watts. It only worked for a day or two and we have heavier winds. We expect to get up to 3,000 watts at
Your system is an excellent supplement to our PV panels and we will be evaluating our future power requirements once we get the new meters
installed and study the output. We used
wiring that allows us to install at least two more turbines, if we determine that is the best mix of power for our needs.
Thanks again for a unique and excellent power source. It certainly fits our application.
Bye the way - would you recommend rustoleum on the tail of the turbines? We don't remember seeing any recommendation for painting them
and they are starting to show some
Ed Greer

From Juan Carlos Romero