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WATT-X - kWhr and $ meter
Ever wondered how much of your
money goes into your wall socket ?
Wondered how much of your power goes
back into the grid from your grid feeder?
The Watt-X can help you find out!
Keeps track of power coming in or going out to the grid for years!
(Power outages will not erase readings! Built in memory chip)
Watt-X will show you how efficient your home appliances are. A large LED display counts consumption by the Kilowatt-hour . You can estimate your electrical expenses for any period of time. Watt-X accumulates the energy reading and stores it into a power independent memory. In addition, the meter can automatically calculate and display the cost of total energy consumption. All these features make Watt-X indispensable tool in power assessment.
How to use your Watt-X
1. Memory Clear
2. kWhr's / $ setup (input your $ rate)
3. Adjustment buttons for $ rate
Your Watt-x is now set and will meter your power
consumption or grid feeding in dollars and kWh's
#WX1 USED FOR READING FORWARD POWER FLOW - Great for identifying your "power hog" appliances
Watt-X Model #WX1 reads and records all money ($) and power you are using from the grid -
Only $69.95 Plus $9.05 S&H
#WX2 READS REVERSE (Backwards) POWER FLOW - Great for checking how much power your grid feeder is really putting back.
Watt-X Model #WX2 reads and records all of your power you are feeding back into the grid -
Only $69.95 Plus $9.05 S&H


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