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Water heating speed formula:
Q. - How many watts are required to heat one gallon of water up one degree?

A. - 2.4705 watts for one hour.

If you do not have a 1" NPT threaded hole at the bottom of your tank just buy a Bulkhead Fitting


If you do not want to drill holes in tanks get a Plunge-Probe Full Water Heater Kit -
Includes drop in heater probe and Freeze Sensor all in one unit / Just Plug-And-Play
BUY 600 Watt Drop-in /Plunge-Probe Kit - $239.95 Plus S&H
Note: If you purchase the plunge-probe kit it will come directly wired into the Freeze sensor module.
WARNING: do not put any kind cold proofing insulation between the tank and freeze sensor.
It must remain exposed to cold air and not only the warmer water in the base of the tank.





If you do not have a 1" NPT threaded hole at the bottom of your tank just buy a Bulkhead Fitting
Questions And Answers
Q. - Will it work on my rubber maid tank and what do you think of solar? Also how do I get maximum battery life in winter the months.
A - It works on most of the rubber maid tanks but you will have to check if it is a 1" pipe thread. Also we use a BOTTOM TAP NPT thread style so sometimes
you may have to re-thread the hole to the largest possible 1" taper but that is easy. I would highly recommend that you go to the smallest tank size possible in the winter months so the heater can do its job. Since the battery needs to be swapped out and the dead one recharged daily most people with 3 horses could get away with just a 20 to 30 gallon tank if re-filled daily. This does not mean you have to remove your big water tank but just offer the live stock an alternative drinking spot that is smaller and still liquid. The problem with solar is that the snow covers the panel so it also needs daily sweeping, The panels also cost about $1800.00 each for the Wattage needed to run the 600 Watt heater and the theft rate on an $1800.00 solar panel sitting in the middle of an open field is about 100% in the first year!
Q. -How does this all work? Please tell me what I need to do.
A. - Most of our customers connect a freshly charged deep cycle battery on their tank heater every 2 days and then they JUST swap them out for a newly charged
battery every few days. This means you will need two deep cycle batteries. One is operating the heater while the other one being recharged. No more chopping sheets of ice, battery swapping is all you need to do here. EASY! The water above the heater is always open. Also put straw bails around your tank and set the tank on an 8" bed of straw to keep it off of the cold ground. You can also build a dirt ramp around it for short animals if necessary.
Q. -Why is my battery only lasting 6 hours?
A. - First of all 6 hours of making warm water is very good because it may actually take the water 18 hours or more to cool back down to freezing so you have figure that into the whole timing equation. Having a tank with insulated walls that also is not siting on the ice cold ground will also help extend your warm water time dramatically.
Second, make very sure that you charge your battery up to a full 13.8 volts . This will give you TWICE the power of an ordinary 12 volt charge. This can be done by using a charger that has a "Boost" mode on it and a timer. Set it for 60 minutes on full BOOST mode. Using a charger that has a START/BOOST mode super charges your battery effectively doubling its energy output! Double check the charge with a volt meter and make sure its 13.7 volts or higher. If not give it 60 more minutes of charging at on the start/boost setting.
You can also try buy a bigger DEEP cycle battery or even add many batteries in parallel to increase heating time. Insulate your batteries too. A cold battery is a dead battery!
The BEST deep cycle battery is a TROJAN model # DC-500ML. This is the battery you should get! ALSO try putting the heater about 12" RIGHT ABOVE the drinking area to concentrate the heat near the surface of the water. You can use 3 or 4 cinder blocks to get up to this leave.
( Rare facts: A 12 volt battery can be charged up as high as 14.7 volts)

If you do not want to drill holes in tanks get our Easy-To-Use Drop-In PLUNGE-PROBE
34" long by 3/4" PVC plunge probe. Can be extended with ordinary PVC pipe fittings.
Comes with heavy duty 12 AWG water proof wire.
Just clip on to a 12 Volt Marine battery and start melting ice instantly or buy our
Freeze Sensor Module and automate your Turn-On-Time only when the freezing
weather comes.
Drop-in Plung-probe is sealed at base and top with silicon rubber for years for long life.
EASY PLUG & PLAY - Just clip the 2 power terminals to any 12 volt
car or boat battery and probe will start heating your water tank fast.
(Make sure the probe is covered in water at all times so it does not over-heat)
BUY 600 Watt Drop-in / Plunge-Probe for $139.95 Plus S&H
BUY - Plunge-Probe Freeze Sensor Module kit to Automate Plunge Probe $124.95
(Water Heater Not Included)

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