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With 2400 Watt Max-Core PMA's
One of the most advanced wind turbines in the world
Can out last any Typhoon or Hurricane. Tilts up and
protects itself from high winds while still making full power.
SEE VIDEO'S Below (Patented Design.)
Works great in low wind too. Never worry about your wind turbine breaking in a storm again!


We call it the "Typhoon" since it is built to survive Typhoon winds.
Typhoon up-tilting turbines give maximum performance at all times and never
stop making power even in the most stormy weather.  
Transitions from over speeding tilting protection and full power production
are not interrupted by reset periods or the turbine listing off to one side or the other and not facing directly into the wind making full power.
Also tails that yaw to the left or right tend to make wires twist inside since they favor to continue making left or right spinning loops.  This makes the use of an expensive and often undependable slip ring necessary.  Turbines that "Up-Tilt" do not favor spinning to the left or right so twisting wires are not a concern in most areas with this type of turbine yaw mechanism.

The unibody concept of the Typhoon wind turbine is unique.  Other up tilting turbine designs had a PMA that up tilted but this caused the need for rubber bumpers as the PMA would come down rather hard and abruptly.  The unibody design of the Typhoon is nicely counter balanced by the tail and whole body of the turbine allowing it to more gently pivot up and down as shown on the videos below.  The PMA is mounted in a tight box frame protecting it from flying debris or even a tower fall.  This is a superior way to mount a PMA from the front and not the rear.

While other turbines are snapping blades during storms the Typhoon will simply lift up and reduce 50% of its surface area allowing the wind to spill off the top of the turbine.  This wedge like shape also pushes the turbine downward holding the top plate tightly to the pole which prevents it from swinging around wildly in stormy winds.

The Typhoon unibody up tilting wind turbine design has a U.S. patent pending number issued and we think it will be one of the most sought after turbines for years to come.



14 magnet non-cog Super-Core PMA/PMG
KT blades make this turbine the most powerful clear on the market.

Tilting Turbines fit on Shc #80 / 1.5" steel water pipe.
For 12 DC Volt Battery Charging -
#KT5TSCDC12 / 12 volt DC Tilting wind turbine / 2 wire / 2 wire $799.95 -
Add $84.95 Each For Shipping, Handling And Insurance Charges Per Unit. (Continental U.S.A Only)
For 12AC Volt Battery Charging -
#KT5SCTAC12 / 12 volt AC / Tilting Wind Turbine 3 wire / 3-phase wind turbine $799.95 -
Add $84.95 Each For Shipping, Handling And Insurance Charges Per Unit. (Continental U.S.A Only)

For 24 DC Volt Battery Charging -
#KT5SCTDC24 / 24 volt DC Tilting wind turbine / 2 wire / 2 wire $799.95 -
Add $84.95 Each For Shipping, Handling And Insurance Charges Per Unit. (Continental U.S.A Only)
For 24AC Volt Battery Charging -
#KT5SCTAC24 / 24 volt AC / Tilting wind turbine 3 wire / 3-phase wind turbine $799.95 -
Add $84.95 Each For Shipping, Handling And Insurance Charges Per Unit. (Continental U.S.A Only)

For 48 DC Volt Battery Charging -O
#KT5SCTDC48 / 48 volt DC Tilting wind turbine / 2 wire / 2 wire $899.95 -
Add $84.95 Each For Shipping, Handling And Insurance Charges Per Unit. (Continental U.S.A Only)
For 48AC Volt Battery Charging -
#KT5SCTAC48 / 48 volt AC / Tilting wind turbine 3 wire / 3-phase wind turbine $899.95 -
Add $84.95 Each For Shipping, Handling And Insurance Charges Per Unit. (Continental U.S.A Only)

UP GRADES and other parts -
NOTE: All upgrades MUST be purchased at the same time as placing the order for your basic 5 blade tilting wind turbines.
Clear blade up grade fee $39.95

Up tilt body and tail and all hardware (NO PMA, hub or blades) $469.95

Need a rectifier for your AC model - Link HERE?



If you plan to put a wind turbine or PMA in a salt water environment
you MUST coat all metal surfaces to prevent the disaster of corrosion!
Create a salt water and corrosion proof Wind Scorpion with our Special Green Marine Varnish

A Brave New Look For American Suburbia
'Going Green' - Link Here
"True, low winds areas will produce less amperage but the energy output is a very consistent power.
The nice part is that your wind turbine's will make power all night on those long and cold northern
winter nights and that's when turbines really start adding up the Watts when added to a solar system"

Ohm's law calculator

NEED MORE POWER? - Install A Mini Wind Farm!


Most people have an inherent pre-conceived notion that a property should have only ONE wind turbine.
To see a BIG commercial system click here
The age of the new super powerful and low profile mini wind turbine is changing the way people do things and think.
When most people get serious about alternative energy they do not just buy ONE solar panel, they purchase 4 or 5 and sometimes even 10 or 12 solar panels if they really want to cut the power company off. Well the same philosophy applies to wind turbines! Putting up just ONE wind turbine is not going to create any kind of electrical miracle, it takes many turbines to make an impact on your power bill. The old "ONE Wind Turbine" mentality does not work in this era of the smaller and un-intrusive mini turbines. The idea is to put up as many as you can and mount them lower. Not disturbing your neighbors is the key to opening the wind market in America. Having several small, low profile wind turbines dotting your property does not seem to bother people!
Hopefully in the next few decades Americans will also learn to accept wind turbines as icons of energy independence.
In Germany over 200,000 wind turbines now dot the sky line. These wind turbines have come to be admired as "Majestic Giants"
by a modern and progressive society that is no longer making the middle-east any wealthier.
Many of our customers have decided to install dozens of mini turbines rather than erecting one large 10KW wind turbine on an expensive tower since it is about the same total cost for less wattage. Also do not forget the "EYE SORE" factor of having a 80 foot tall tower on your property! This will not only devalue your neighbors property investment but most likely yours too! At least in this age nobody appreciates a BIG 80 foot tall wind turbine next to them! Mini wind farm advantages are many.
We have broken a major pricing barrier and for the first time it makes sense to put up a mini wind farm instead of one large wind turbine. Many people have decided to install as many as 20 to 30 Wind turbines for the same price of installing a large10KW wind turbine. Mini wind farm advantages are many.
Mini Wind Farm Advantages:
More total power per dollar spent.
Easy self installation. No cranes or heavy equipment needed.
Progressive affordability. Start small and add more turbines as you can afford them.
Redundant dependability with multiple turbines running.
Very winter proof! Snow and ice create no major problems for small wind turbines.
No high wind speed worries. Small turbines are extremely durable in storms!
No building permits required in many areas for low level turbines mounted under 28 feet high.
Flexibly. Add ONLY as many turbines as you need to run your household.
Less conspicuous than a giant 80 foot tall tower requiring a giant 160 foot radial fall zone.
Can be placed closer to property lines. Great for small properties (Fall Zone Rule)
No expensive towers to buy that can actually cost more than the wind turbine itself!!!!!!!!!!
Mini wind farms blend in with scenery and have a high acceptance rate from neighbors and community.

Hints for people that are attempting to operate a household and are not on the grid:
Get a fork lift battery! Try calling places that sell used fork lifts. The 12 volt batteries that run fork lifts are the best! Many of these old batteries are discarded because they can no longer operate a fork lift for a full 8 hour work day but they still have enough operational life to run your household for many decades. Many can be bought at recycling prices and still have 100 times more amperage than a brand new bank of automotive type batteries that will only last for 2 or 3 years.
Lifespan of battery types while engaged in demanding alternative energy use:
Cheapest bargain store bought automotive battery - 6 to 8 months life before it goes to the junk heap.
Professional battery store bought T105 battery - 2 to 3 years life before it goes to the junk heap.
Professional battery store bought L-16 battery - 4 to 7 years life before it goes to the junk heap.
Industrial bougWS Fork Lift battery - The one I own is 31 years old now, I will let you all know when it finally dies.
Customer Comments: "My fork lift battery has been powering our home for 27 years now and still charging strong!
I feel sorry for the people using 105's or L-16's, that is a great way to go if your goal is to
create a mountain of useless lead within your life time or run out of power in the middle of dinner.
This is the best advice you are ever going to get and it is your funeral if you do not listen!
Our 12 volt /110 AC inverters can run for weeks at a time on our monster sized fork lift battery."
Battery regulator / Diversion load regulator
Do "Voltage Regulation" the right way - Divert the load and keep the power coming!
Regulate your BATTERY instead of your wind turbine, solar panels or any AE devices.

Turn your Wind Scorpion wind turbine into a Marine-Vision for a fraction of the cost that
other companies charge for their Marine wind turbine versions - Click Here for more info
Wind Scorpion wind turbines can be coated with our tough Green Marine Coating to protect them around ocean environments.

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