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Overheat and Freeze Thermostats:
Thermostats regulate water temperature.
Can handle 50 amps at 12 volts! No relay needed!
(Can handle all voltages from 12 to 220 volts / AC or DC)
Opens circuit on overheat effectively cutting
power to the heater (Normally closed connects)
Simple in line wiring system!!! Connections are 1/4" spade terminals. The heat sensor (reverse side) must be firmly mounted on the side of tank with screws or silicon chalking. Use 10 gauge wire for loop circuit. Uses a simple and typical "Loop" circuit to interrupt power to wiring harness on overheat. Heat ratings are averages (+ or - 3%) - Non. Pos. / Neg. polarity.
OVER HEATING Model #T115 / +115 F. "off" and
under 105 F. "on" - $39.95 + 14.95 S&H

OVER HEATING ONE Model #T175 / +175 F. "off" and
under 165 F. "on" - $39.95 + 14.95 S&H

STOP FREEZE Model #T40 / 40 F "on" 60F "off". -
Freeze Sensor $79.95 + 14.95 S&H

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